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Who are we?

Sown Advisory is considered as one of its kind in the consultancy field and financial planning.


Our Slogan: Sown Advisory ... your way to financial fitness

Our Mission: To provide advisory services to individuals to enable them to adapt with the variables of life.

Our Goal:  - Provide  services up to our clients expectations and satisfaction.

                    - Confidentiality between client and advisor.

                    - Contribute in building a better society.

Our Vision: To be at the top of the financial consulting field.

Why Sown?

Because we offer advisory services that contribute in building a financially stable society that can adapt to lifestyle changes. From this perspective we have developed the following plans:

  1. Financial assistance for individuals and families including plans to control expenses and increase their savings.

  2.  Conduct a comprehensive study on the families/individual’s cases and recommend suitable investment plans.

  3. Help new small businesses with their Feasibility studies and provide guidance upon expansion.

  4. Find housing solutions for those who want to own their own accomodation.

Our Services

Sown provides Financial consultations to help individuals and families struggeling with the burdens of life.

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